Class Details

Nei Jia

Taiji (Tai Chi) Group Class

Yang Style Taiji Quan

Including jibengong (fundamental training) - qigong, song gong (loosening exercises), zhan zhuang (standing), taiji (Tai Chi) form practice, partner exercises and push-hands.

See below for typical breakdown of class content. Students may choose to focus only on a particular session of a class however full class fee applies.


Saturday 9.15 - 11.30am

Fee $25

Class breakdown:

9.15 - 10.10 qigong & taiji foundations

10.10 - 10.50 taiji form

10.50 - 11.30 taiji push-hands & applications

Monday p.m 6.30 - 8.00pm

Fee $20

Class breakdown:

6.30 - 7.15 qigong

7.15 - 8.00 taiji foundations (beginners)


16-18 Martin Street, Thornbury 3071

Located at rear of Thornbury Community church. Just off High St Tram stop 37: Woolton Ave / High St, Thornbury


Monthly all access: $125

Saturday class: $25

Monday class: $20

Private tuition: $90 per hour

HME Membership: $100 usd

Required for all ongoing taiji training. Includes exclusive rates on bodywork, workshops & special events. Paid online to HME International

Private tuition / Small group 

Taiji Quan (tai-chi), Qigong. Tailored learning for accelerated progress. 1 on 1 / or up to 3 students


Booking required. Unavailable Sundays


HME International Melbourne, Upstairs @ 250 George St, Fitzroy  3065  (Cnr Moor St / St Marks Church grounds / Dance of Life Yoga studio)

During the warmer months private tuition is also offered outdoors at either Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy or All Nations Park, Thornbury


$90 per hour

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Qigong Retreats and short courses… dates to be announced

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