Taiji Quan (Tai Chi)

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What is Taiji?

Taiji Quan (Tai-chi Chuan) translates as Supreme Ultimate Fist. It is a Chinese martial art said to have been created by Chang San-feng (Zhang Sanfeng) the mystic figure of Taoist legend said to have lived in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Taiji Quan is considered a ‘soft’ or ‘internal martial art’ and relies on the principles of correct postural alignment and genuine relaxation or song (release) to produce power. Whilst immensely dynamic in practice and application, in modern times taiji is practiced predominantly for it’s robust health benefits and is famous for it’s solo form practice, characterised by slow fluid movements.

As I teach it, the purpose of the internal training is to achieve balance and harmony. When yin and yang are in balance and the mind and body in harmony we can maintain zhong ding and live in peace
— Sifu Adam Mizner

Yang Style Taiji

Yang Lu-chan (1799-1872) is the founder of the Yang family martial art. Lu-chan is said to have studied his art from Chen Chang Xin of the Chen village. Yang Lu Chan taught his art to his sons, Yang Ban Hou and Yang Jien Hou.

Jien Hou’s son Yang Shao Hou created the ‘small frame’ form which was mainly developed by the teachings which Shao Hou had received while living and training under his uncle, Ban Hou.

Lu-chan’s grandson Yang Cheng-fu (1883-1936), took the family art outside of closed doors and choreographed the popularised Yang-style Form as it is known today.

Professor Cheng Man-Ching (1901-1975), was a student Yang Cheng-fu. ‘The Professor’ choreographed the Yang-style Short Form consisting of 37 postures.

Huang Sheng Shyan studied with Man-Ching in Taiwan and was to become his most accomplished student by many accounts. Sheng Shyan went on to distill his knowledge and experience into a number of exercises which he designed, including his famous 5 Loosening Exercises, or Song Shen Wu Fa, which are a fundamental part of his style, setting it apart from other lineages.

The Heaven Man Earth Taiji Quan system is founded by Sifu Adam Mizner who has trained extensively with a number of masters from both the Huang Sheng Shyan lineage and the Yang Shao Hou lineage.

We run Tai Chi Classes and workshops in Melbourne, Australia

We have been running Taiji (Tai Chi) classes in Melbourne’s inner north for many years. Some of the locations we have held classes and workshops include:

All Nations Park in Northcote, Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North, Carlton Gardens in Carlton, Evam Buddhist Institute in North Carlton as well as at our regular Thornbury and Fitzroy locations.