Our Instructors

Paul McIntyre is the resident instructor at Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International - Melbourne branch school.  Paul’s experience in various martial arts, nei gong, qi gong and meditation spans decades. Beginning as a child in Australia, his practice has since taken him throughout much of Asia in pursuit of authentic teachings.

Paul learned taiji (tai chi) & qigong, natural fist boxing and muay-thai under the guidance of esteemed fight trainer Tao Jaiphet (Absolute MMA) for 7 years.  In 2006 Paul received the rank of 1st degree black belt in Daito ryu aiki jujitsu when living in Kobe city, Japan.

Since 2007, Paul has trained exclusively under the Heaven Man Earth system and has undertaken extensive periods of private tuition and live-in practice with Sifu Adam Mizner to deepen and refine his understanding and skill of the entire HME system including taiji, nei gong, meditation, dhamma & healing.

Paul is a direct disciple of Heaven Man Earth founder Sifu Adam Mizner and certified level 2 instructor of the HME Internal Arts International system.

Paul McIntyre with Sifu Adam Mizner in Thailand 2019

Paul McIntyre with Sifu Adam Mizner in Thailand 2019