Sifu Adam Mizner talks about taiji as a path

My teacher Sifu Adam Mizner discusses taiji as a path for self cultivation. In the many years I have spent close to my teacher I have learned the real meaning of transmission in the internal arts. Truly taiji is a vehicle for complete transformation - beautiful in the beginning, the middle and the end. Enjoy Sifu Adam’s honest and transparent insights into this vast practice of which he truly embodies a great expanse of understanding…

Qigong Day Retreat in the Yarra Valley

A great group of students enjoyed the one day Qigong retreat in the Yarra Valley over the weekend thanks to our incredible hosts & collaborators Phuong & Eddy @hillndale_farmcottages . Participants putting in the work, breathing in the lush surroundings & nourishing the body with fresh local produce. Much more to come, we are only getting started! 
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Instructor Paul McIntyre in Chiang Mai 2018

Filming some push hands practice on retreat in 2018. Paul spends regular time in retreat with his teacher Sifu Adam Mizner. Keep an eye out for future HME Melbourne overseas retreats and check out the HME main page for details of camps with Sifu Adam and workshops with his head senior students Andy Mack and Curtis Brough. Stay tuned - we will be posting some footage of the last HME Melbourne student trip to Thailand as well as some footage of Andy and Curtis, who have both also visited Australia to run workshops in the past couple of years…