TBC Weekend Taiji Class Intensive
to Jun 30

TBC Weekend Taiji Class Intensive

Weekend taiji intensive with HME instructors Paul McIntyre (HME Melbourne) and Jeff Taylor (HME Sydney).

The class will include jibengong foundational practices taught in the HME and Discover Taiji system. Zhan Zhuang (standing practice), song gong (body loosening), qigong, form and partner exercises.

This weekend class is taking place in Sydney. Further details to be announced including cost and exact location TBC.

Contact to for bookings and enquiries:



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Melbourne Push Hands Open
9:30 AM09:30

Melbourne Push Hands Open

A group of like minded Martial Arts teachers/enthusiasts intend to run an Open Push Hands Competition in 2019 in Melbourne Australia. This event is to provide a platform for our students & other interested people to test their skills in an open competition format with all styles & backgrounds welcome.

HME Instructor Paul McIntyre is one of the organisers for the event. You can find further info via the event organisers group facebook page @


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Qigong Day Retreat in the Yarra Valley
10:30 AM10:30

Qigong Day Retreat in the Yarra Valley

Retreat to the the Yarra valley. Immerse yourself in nature. Replenish and reconnect.

Join us for an in depth day of qigong practice, body opening exercises and a light lunch at Hill’n’dale Farm Cottages. All levels of experience welcome - whether you are seeking to learn a simple daily practice or to deepen an existing practice incorporating breath and body cultivation, this day will be of benefit to you.

Cost $80. Spaces limited, bookings essential.

Contact Phoung: admin@hillndalefarmcottages.com.au 0466 258 852



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